One of Our Light Partners, Elan Energetics

~                              Get Into The Light To Wellness.......... Energetic Living Achieved Naturally!

 Élan Energetics was created from the belief that we are all energetic beings that are supported by frequency, light and sound. Élan means liveliness, enthusiasm and a strong positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with a cause. Our cause and commitment is a new health paradigm through leadership in the energetic wellness industry.

It is our mission to bring energetic health modalities to the mainstream through the highest quality and most advanced technology available.

Our vision of Élan is a space where you find inspiration, power, possibility and wholeness. It is within each of us built from light. Without existence in time or space, Élan lives in our conversation and our power to create. It is a new world where transformation and vital health are there for all who choose it.


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  Élan Energetics Weekly Calls and Link to Recorded Calls:

Jane Smolnik offers a educational call for practitioners using energetic frequencies, this call is designed to guide and inspire you on your journey of discovery into the benefits of light energy. *These calls are for owners only and call-in information may be found in your back office or call 855.789.ELAN ext. 0.

  Previously Recorded Calls

  • System Set Up Listen to this brief overview of getting started and setting up your new system. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions This quick 5-minute pre-recorded call covers our most frequently asked questions. A great tool for beginners.
  • Genesis Generation Product Overview Video This 18-minute video covers the operation, maintenance, usage, placement and frequently asked questions of the Genesis Generation system.                                                                                                                               

Solas Academy- Light Education: 

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